Here is what people are saying about the NWA:

  • “The NWA has been invaluable to Multicorr in our marketing efforts. We are newcomers to the watermelon industry (3 years) and have found the Vineline a key marketing tool to easily reach our core audience. The NWA offers a proven and effective platform for entertaining our existing customers and spending quality time with our targeted potential customers. Through the NWA – we continue to grow our produce bin business.”
    John Goodloe,
    Vice President
  • “The NWA Transportation Program is a service designed specifically for our shippers that is managed and operated on behalf of NWA by C. H. Robinson Worldwide. It provides extensive regional capacity capability, competitive rates, 24/7/365 communication and sophisticated logistics cost analysis tools. The program is a bottom line value that assists our members in retaining existing customers and growing new business opportunities.”
    Jim Schmidt
  • “What does the NWA do for its members? This is something that I live by in my business.
    The difference is in ‘We’ and ‘I’.
    ‘I’ is one, and ‘We’ are many with the NWA. We promote and work on all issues affecting the watermelon business together, and We improve our companies and the watermelon business as a whole.”
    Nowell Borders –
    Borders Melons
  • “As an allied member of the National Watermelon Association, International Paper is proud of its support and participation in the association. The NWA provides both outstanding leadership in the produce category and great opportunities for allied members like IP to interface with the membership of the association, many of which are our customers. Whether it is a product safety issue involving packaging, promotion opportunities, or other industry trends, the NWA provides its membership with real time information for the betterment of the industry. Thanks NWA.”
    Jim Mastropietro – International Paper
  • “The most important thing to me in the NWA is networking with the people who attend and support the industry through their unselfish contributions, year after year, whether through mere attendance, service, donations, ideas, or love of the industry. They are the glue that holds this industry and this Association together, and allows a group to do more positive good than we, as individuals, can do separately. The members, with special emphasis given to board members and officers, committee members, and others willing to sacrifice personal interest for overall industry health and growth, are the backbone of the Association and the industry. That allows us to have a more organized, better, healthy, and growing industry. That is why I support NWA.”
    Anita Field –
    Wabash Valley Growers
  • “The NWA helps any person, Grower, Company, or group that needs help with any segment of the watermelon industry.”
    Tommy Smith –
    Labelle, Florida
  • “From promotions to safety issues to simply bringing us together, and acting as the mouthpiece of all the vital pieces of the American watermelon industry, the National Watermelon Association is a vital and dynamic organization. Nunhems USA recognizes this fact -- which is why we expend significant energy and a large portion of our marketing budget year after year ensuring the highest visibility to the breadth of the NWA: how they touch, and greatly benefit, virtually every segment of the watermelon chain.”
    Travis Estvold -
    Nunhems USA
  • “The NWA is the Strength, Heart, and Soul of the Watermelon Industry. Through the voluntary effort of networking together, growers, shippers, and associates continue to keep Watermelon at the forefront of the produce industry insuring infrastructure from Farm to Consumer.”
    Greg Leger –
    Leger & Son
  • “During the 2012 season there was an outbreak of salmonella in cantaloupe in southern Indiana close to where watermelons were being shipped. The information that NWA was able to obtain and quickly got out to its members allowed us to be proactive with our customers and helped us to keep shipping.”
    Chris Bloebaum –
    Delta Fresh Sales
  • “Without the NWA, I wouldn't be known in the NASCAR world as "Melon". This seemingly meaningless nickname has enabled us to capture a much larger audience's attention than the average racer with the average sponsor.
    "Watermelons" and "NASCAR" were not associated with each other in the past. Well, together we are changing that. With help from the NWA, we are putting watermelons on the forefront of NASCAR fans’ minds across the country and Canada.
    When fans see me at a NASCAR race, they don't have to look very far to see watermelons, and of course a watermelon queen. The queen program is another advantage that we utilize to put watermelons on the top of NASCAR fans’ weekly grocery lists.”
    Ross Chastain –
    NASCAR Driver

NWA Convention

NWA Future Conventions:
February 16-20, 2015 – La Quinta, California (La Quinta Resort & Spa)
February 24-28, 2016 – New Orleans, Louisiana (Hyatt Regency)
February 22-26, 2017 – North Lake Tahoe, Nevada (Hyatt Regency)
February 21-25, 2018—Nashville, Tennessee (Sheraton Music City)

La Quinta Resort & Spa
La Quinta, California
Monday-Thursday, February 16-19, 2015
Contact the NWA for information

Texas Watermelon Association
November 7-8, 2014
Embassy Suites
McAllen, Texas
Contact Barbara Duda for information at bcduda62@yahoo.com

South Carolina Watermelon Association
January 16-18, 2015
Hilton Columbia Center
Columbia, South Carolina
Contact Angela Chappell for information at Angela@CoosawFarms.com

Florida Watermelon Association
January 16-18, 2015
Sanibel Harbour Marriott
Ft Myers, FL
Contact Patty Swilley for information at patty@flfwa.com

Western Watermelon Association
January 17, 2015
Las Vegas, Nevada
Hotel To Be Announced
Contact Tashi Zouras for information at tashi@gardikas.com

Georgia Watermelon Association
Jan 30 to Feb 1, 2015
King & Prince Hotel
St Simons Island, Ga
Contact Dawn Cheplick for information at dcheplick@asginfo.net

Mar-Del (Maryland-Delaware) Watermelon Association
February 6-7, 2015
Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort
Cambridge, Maryland
Contact Michelle Wright for information at mardelmelon@hotmail.com

Alabama Watermelon Association
February 14-15, 2015
Beau Rivage Casino Resort
Biloxi, Mississippi
Contact Marti Smith for information at marti_s_63@hotmail.com

Illiana (Illinois-Indiana) Watermelon Association
March 6-7, 2015
French Llick Springs Hotel & Casino
French Lick, Indiana
Contact Jill Frey for information at illianawatermelon@gmail.com

North Carolina Watermelon Association
March 14 to March 15, 2015
Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort
Wrightsville, NC
Contact Cathy Price for information at cathyprice@bellsouth.net

NWA Outstanding Service Award honorees

NWA Marketing Award winners

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